Spec app
Graphic Design

I took part in the 2020 ICAD Upstarts program. It's a wonderful inititive designed to introduce new designers to the industry. As part of the program, we were set a range of briefs. This is one such brief.
We were asked by Deloitte Digital to design something that could help frontline workers destress during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Whatever we came up with could be used after the pandemic.
The market is already flooded with mindfulness apps and books so I knew I had to think outside the box. With that in mind, I designed a spec app called Patch. Named after the famous doctor Patch Adams, it is essentially a wellbeing app that taps into the benefits of comedy. Laughter has been proven to destress and even boost the immune system. This app allows users to watch or listen to a short curated clip of comedy whenever they need a laugh. And to avoid endlessly scrolling through the choices, Patch offers a random selection based on the user's previous likes.