Personal Project
Motion Graphics

I decided to do a #WeekofType. Every day for week, I made a new typeographical animation, based on that day; all using the same typeface Brandon Grotesque. This allowed me to experiment with different effects I wanted to try.
SUNDAY. Grab a coffee, take your time today, and relax.
MONDAY, a day to drag yourself out of bed and start the week.
TUESDAY, the worst day of the week, when it always feels like rain. You're no longer rested after the past weekend, and the next weekend feels ages away.
WEDNESDAY, hump day. The weekend is in sight.
The weekend is in sight but it's been a long week. We're all tired and drained. Is it Friday yet? No. It's THURSDAY.
The week may be grey but the weekend is here. It's FRIDAY.
It's the weekend! It's SATURDAY!
Music Reward by Yung Kartz