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Alan Early is a storyteller.
He tells stories both with words and with images, as a motion graphics designer and an author. With degrees in Moving Image Design in NCAD, and Film Production from the National Film School IADT, he has produced award-winning films as well as motion graphic pieces for such clients as thisispopbaby, Friends of the Earth Europe and the Social Democrats.
His love of storytelling grew from an early age. His critically acclaimed 'Father of Lies' trilogy of novels has been described by Eoin Colfer as ‘a brilliant creation’ and was chosen as the inaugural UNESCO Dublin City of Literature children’s reading project in Dublin City Libraries.
Speaking of libraries, every day, an old man comes to the library.
There is a man like him in every library in the world. He keeps to himself, head in a book, sucking on rock-hard toffees. He doesn’t look especially old but he is old. You can see it in the eyes. They’re ancient. Deep. Wise.
He always chooses the same seat – the one under the mural of the town’s shop street – and spends the day reading.
He reads novels and short stories. He reads fantasy and factual. He reads books with hardcovers and softcovers and no covers. He reads books with fold-out illustrations, and books with letters so tiny that he’s forced to squint. He reads tales set in fox warrens and tales set in outer space. He reads heart-stopping accounts of daring-do, and heart-racing accounts of first love. He reads and he reads and he reads. And at the end of each day, he quietly puts the books back, and quietly leaves.
But he doesn’t go home.
Because this man, he has no home.
Instead, he waits until it’s dark, and he takes out a pouch, a pouch full of sand.
The man pinches sand between finger and thumb, whispers some secret words to it and lets it go. The wind carries the grains of sand away from him, away and into the houses of the town. Away, and into the eyes of all those sleeping… depositing dreams...
By the time he’s done, and the sand is gone, it’s morning.
The man has many names; the Sandman, the Dreamweaver, Wee Willie Winkie.
He smiles into the rising sun and starts back to the library. He has more books to read, more stories to thrill.
After all, the Sandman has to get his ideas from somewhere.
Ideas are key to memorable design.
Storytelling and idea-generating are at the root of everything Alan does. Let him tell your story today.
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